Samsung home appliances perceived well by consumers

Samsung have a huge product range when it comes to home appliances, although it was unsurprising that on the whole Samsung are most commonly associated with their stance in the mobile phone market.

Andrew, from Alton, said “I think Samsung are leading the way in every field”.

Samsung home appliances scored well in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis, scoring +16.1. Net Promoter Score subtracts the detractors of the brand from the promoters, whereby scores range from -100 to +100. For a bit of context on how other brands compare, Ryanair scored an NPS of -60.59, whereas Apple scored +62.4. Although Samsung are closer to the centre, they are still doing a lot of impress consumers on the whole – find out more about Net Promoters Scores.

The most important thing that Net Promoter Score analysis has revealed is the large proportion of UK consumers that would be willing to recommend the Samsung brand to their friends or family when it comes to home appliances.

“Samsung is pretty much leading the way with certain home appliances”. A large number of the panel commented on Samsung televisions, more specifically their smart televisions, that they have a great design and are long lasting. For a proportion of our panel, Samsung were number one when it came to home entertainment.

“Samsung is one of the innovators when it comes to new home appliances”. The Samsung home appliances brand was described as of a good quality, well manufactured at a mid-range price; many felt there was no reason not to use the Samsung brand.