Citroën a big hit with the award-winning DS3

Mobile market research is great for a number of different types of research, one in particular we’ve found is advert review testing – seeing how consumers react to the adverts, whether their sentiment is on the whole positive or negative, and how much they can really recall from the advert.

What’s great about the Citroën DS3 advert is emphasis put on the awards the car has won, focussing on the quality of the product – overall when it comes to buying a car for everyday use, consumers want reliability.

Citroën reinforce the idea of quality, durability and consistency by advertising the amount of awards this particular car has won. Although, the advert isn’t tedious or boring or boastful. It’s action-packed, and attention-grabbing. It’s nice to see that Citroën haven’t just won safety awards, there’s a fun mix-up of a rally car award.

Well-produced and well-shot, the imagery of the advert is constantly changing and therefore constantly engaging. A number of the panel enjoyed the contrast between striking colours and different paced scenes.

Where the advert only really falls down is the lack of information about the product; we know it’s got to be a great product because it has won so many awards, but what is it that makes it great? Nevertheless, the majority of the panel liked the idea of ‘To Be Continued’, that there is so many to learn and discover about the Citroën DS3 – it’s so much more than just the awards.

A considerable amount of the panel mentioned that they had seen the Citroën DS3 on Top Gear, which confirmed for them the quality and assurance that comes with owning a Citroën DS3.