We’ll get by with a little help from our friends

Dementia was described by one of our panel members as “one of the most painful illnesses to see a family member to go through”.

This heart-warming advert from Dementia Friends brings to light an illness that many of us will not find ourselves talking about often. Almost all of our panel of UK consumers commented positively towards the advert, mentioning that it was good to see a positive spin put on such a serious and sad illness. Find out more about Dementia Friends.

We asked our panel of UK consumers to take a look at the advert from Dementia Friends, then tell us what they thought of the advert and how much they know about Dementia.

First take a look at the advert:

On the whole our panel admitted that they did not know much about Dementia; that they were aware it was an illness that tends to effect older people, and effects your memory loss. Furthermore a large number were shocked by the statistic that 1 in 3 over 65s will suffer from Dementia, many commented that they had no idea the number was so high.

The advert was described as insightful, effective, and great for raising awareness. A large proportion of the panel felt it was great to see the high number of celebrities that are supporting Dementia Friends, commenting that they are not just any celebrities but a-list celebrities with a lot of media power.

Those who had previous or current experience within their family of Dementia felt that it is an illness that needs to be brought to attention more, as it does effect so many of us.

A number of the panel were interested in becoming Dementia Friends, however they felt there was not that much of an explanation to what a Dementia Friend is or how they can get involved – feeling that the only call to action being a link to the website might deter some people from going and finding more.

Find out more about Dementia Friends, and how you can help.