Save The Children “The Most Important ‘Sexy’ Model Video” Ever

“I felt as awkward as the models”.

Save The Children continue to create extremely powerful adverts; one of our panel members described the advert as “more uncomfortable than watching the more graphic scenes of starving children”.

Sex sells, on a daily basis we see evidence that making a product sexy makes it sell. But when the subject isn’t sexy, how is it meant to sell?

A great point made by Save The Children, as we get so caught up in our own lives as consumers, what will make us stop and think about those in need and in poverty?

Take a look at the advert:

Most of the panel described the advert as uncomfortable – which it is, very. It’s horrible, it’s odd to watch and it’s confusing. It’s the kind of advert you just don’t want to watch, but yet you find yourself unable to look away. An important and hard-hitting message, as normally people will just glaze over adverts about poverty, the juxtaposition of this advert makes you stop and really think about what is important.

Save The Children do a great job at marketing themselves, they put the viewer of the advert at the centre of the advert, making it so relatable and engaging you can’t stop watching. This particular advert proves that point that we will listen to a message if it is told in a way we want to hear it.

Although, a proportion of the panel did not respond positively towards the advert. This was more specifically because it was Save The Children trying to make themselves sexy, in spite of the light-hearted swipe at the fact that only sex really sells, this proportion of the panel did not like the association between making it sexy and a children’s charity. That really this type of advert would work better for a different type of charity.