The UK opinion of the 2014 World Cup England squad

As the World Cup 2014 England team has been announced this week, we asked the UK public their opinion of Roy Hodgson’s squad and how far they think England will England squadmake it in the 2014 World Cup.

Overall, it seems the public are happy with Roy Hodgson’s choice – although a number felt that there were no real surprises in his choice.

Most of the panel liked that a number of youth players had been selected, that it was about time the England team saw some new faces, mixed with a few more experienced players.

When it came to how well England will be performing, the UK seemed confident that we will make it to the quarter/semi final stages. Although most were not convinced we will be making the final number.

See the reaction of the UK public below:

  • Andy 21 Years Old

  • Jhovan 26 Years Old

  • Lee 33 Years Old

  • stuart 42 Years Old

  • Leroy 48 Years Old

  • Laura 37 Years Old

  • Martin 38 Years Old

  • Kyle 30 Years Old

  • Isobel 22 Years Old

  • Jamie 28 Years Old

  • Linda 59 Years Old

  • Rob 40 Years Old

  • Lou 41 Years Old