When your tech knowledge runs dry – #MaplinMoment

Maplin boost awareness and position themselves as ‘the electronics convenience store’ in their most recent advertising campaign, demonstrating that they are there exactly when you need them.

Whatever technical query, whatever guidance or spare part, Maplin is the place to go. Think Technical. Think Maplin.

A number of our panel felt they did not know an awful lot about Maplin, it was a brand they were aware of subconsciously but they would never think ‘Oh! I should go to Maplin for that.’

This simple and snappy advert from Krow Communications has brought to light for a lot of the panel the Maplin brand, seeing it as a place to go for small electrical products – where you wouldn’t necessarily go to Currys/PC World.

Our favourite response from this campaign comes from a complete Maplin advocate:

The advert features a number of products Maplin offer that you may not specifically associate with everyday electronic products; for example a light dimmer, it’s not exactly a necessity, but the advert in a humorous way shows products you could use on a daily basis available at Maplin. This advert has been used to familiarise the panel further with Maplin’s offering.

Maplin are making themselves more of a necessity shop, showing the ways their products are needed. When you have a moment where you need something electrical, but you’re not sure what part, that’s a Maplin moment – go to Maplin and they will have specialists to help. Proving that Maplin is great for the everyday consumer.

A clever advert to feature their clever technologies. The advert was described as light-hearted, up-to-date and interesting. Although some felt that the advert doesn’t do Maplin justice, that there is really so much in the stores – it’s like Narnia. There was a general feeling that the advert does not go into much detail of their product offerings.