What should Microsoft’s acquisition mean for Nokia?

With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia we are left wondering whether the Microsoft blanket will be absorbing the Nokia brand, or whether they will be kept as two separate entities.

We gathered the opinions of our panel of UK consumers, to see which outcome they preferred. Discover in this report some very interesting results we have received.

We ran initial Net Promoter Score analysis on the Nokia and Microsoft, below are the results. Net Promoter Scores range between -100 and +100, they are calculated by the number of detractors to the brand subtracted from the promoters. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

From the above chart you can see both brands did not score too well with the panel when it came to Net Promoter Score analysis. Nokia scoring particularly badly with -52.51, although this did not neccessarily mean that the panel wanted to see Nokia rebrand to Microsoft.

“Wow, Nokia, that was my first phone!”

A number of the panel associated Nokia with the history of mobile phones, with almost all of the panel commenting that their first phone was a Nokia – fondly remembering how durable and reliable the 3310 was, crowning it ‘the indestructible phone’.

Although many felt that as the mobile phone market progressed, and the product offering improved, Nokia did not keep up with competitors, and is no longer as established or up there in terms of technology in comparison to Apple or Samsung.

Many felt that the Nokia brand is in desperate need of a rebrand, in spite of that they did not necessarily think that a complete rebrand to become Microsoft phones was the right idea. 64% wanted to see Nokia and Microsoft stay as two separate brands, which is surprising as the Microsoft brand was much more appealing to the panel when it came to Net Promoter Scores.

Some of the panel felt that Microsoft phones just didn’t sound right, others mentioned that although Microsoft is synonymous with the tech industry they are perceived as not too reliable (specifically after the latest Window 8 release).

However, there was a general feeling that Microsoft are in the tablet market already, that the company could bring a new lease of life to the old and tired Nokia brand – bringing fresh and differentiating ideas.