John Lewis hit the big 150 in style.

John Lewis celebrates their 150th anniversary with an extremely nostalgic advert that takes the viewer on a jumbled up trip through the time line of John Lewis.

The department store puts the viewer in the shoes of a number of different John Lewis customers over the past 150 years. The touching advert cleverly depicts a range of John Lewis families over the 150 years they have been trading.


“As I was watching it, I had a smile on my face.” – Cheeragi, Reading, 37
A number of the panel liked the transition and movement of the advert between different eras of John Lewis, commenting that there was a fitting choice of music. The advert was more seen as a collection of home movies, a compilation of fun and cherished memories that many of our panel could relate to.

“The brand [John Lewis] is close to my heart”
The advert was described as an instantly recognisable John Lewis advert, that fittingly tugs on your heart strings, putting family at the centre. 89% commented positively towards the advert, as many mentioned that they always enjoy adverts from John Lewis and Waitrose.

There were only a few negatives commented on, on the whole this was down to the length of the advert as some felt that 100 seconds was just too long for an advert. With a few stating that you really get the point to the advert in the first 30 seconds.
Some of the panel wanted to see more structure to the advert, in more of a timeline format of how John Lewis has changed and grown over the 150 years. Others felt that there could have been more of a focus on the products stocked in John Lewis over time, and potentially how they have changed.