Monkeying around with Weetabix

Watching 20 seconds of insight into the life of a 6 year old child fuelled by Weetabix is enough to deserve a sit down and a cup of tea. This short and snappy hyperactive advert shows instantly the lasting energy your child will receive from the new Banana flavour Weetabix.

A cute advert that we can all relate to on some level, although the advert did have some of our parents worried by the prospect of their children having that much energy.

Watch the advert now:

  • Sahithya 24 Years Old

  • Andrew 36 Years Old

  • Debbie 41 Years Old

The advert was described as funny, memorable and catchy; specifically due to the choice of soundtrack – a fast and upbeat song to match the energy of the advert. Although, a number of the panel felt that the song was likely to get on their nerves quickly, definitely more one of the kids.

Many liked that the advert was only 20 seconds, getting straight to the point. It seemed that the advert is almost completely targeted to young children, with a number of the panel relating to the advert as they call their children ‘little monkeys’ – however they would not like to see their children that over-active fuelled on Weetabix.

  • Helen 39 Years Old

  • Mohammed 32 Years Old

  • Kat 35 Years Old

A proportion of the advert felt that after this advert, it excluded some of the market Weetabix could aim to – as it was very young child and parent orientated. A large proportion of the panel appreciated the link between Weetabix banana flavour and little monkeys. Some felt that the advert could get a bit irritating if it was regularly played on television, as although the music choice matches, it is really quite annoying.

  • Michael 37 Years Old

  • Philip 28 Years Old

  • Matt 38 Years Old