UK consumers perceive Next Clothing positively

Next’s offering of quality, affordable high street fashion has gone down relatively well with our panel of UK consumers, as they scored a just above average Net Promoter Score of +1.13. A Net Promoter Score is a quick way of analysing how your brand is perceived by customers; scores can range from -100 to +100, calculated by the detractors subtracted from the promoters to the brand. Find out more about Net Promoter Scores.

The Next brand was perceived as great value for money by a number of the panel, as many considered the clothing to be of a high quality in comparison to the attached costs. That their ‘not too expensive’ offering on a range of clothes made them very competitive amongst other high street retailers.

Next were considered to have on-trend fashion when it came to women, men and children; as many of the panel trusted the brand, and would normally consider shopping there on a trip to town. Next appear to excel when it came to their online offering too, as many found the website really easy to use with a great overall service.

Simple, fair and easy – with good customer service. 

Although the website was highly rated, it appears Next could improve their smartphone app, as a small proportion of the panel felt it was more trouble than it was worth.

A few felt that they had not recently been impressed by the Next brand due to past bad experiences, commenting that the sizing and fitting has been quite off – that the clothes were too big, or ill-fitting.

On the whole, the main negative of the detractors to the Next brand was that they felt the clothing is not for them. These panel members came from a younger or male audience, as some younger females considered Next to be an older brand, not stocking clothing on trend like Topshop or River Island. Some of the male members of the panel felt the men’s section in Next was always very small in comparison to women’s clothing.