Baby Oleg a big hit with UK consumers

Baby Oleg, the latest advert instalment from CompareTheMarket, has recently hit our screens in a big way. Another great addition to the growing meerkat family, but this time a cute little baby meerkat you can’t help be smile when you see.

The current pop culture to awe over photos and YouTube clips of baby animals, and then share them with your friends, has been utilised by CompareTheMarket in this latest advert. Not only can we see the lives of Alexander and Sergey progress, we see them struggle with parenthood for the first time – something that we can all relate to in some way – with hilarious consequences.

But what is the advert really promoting?
We already know and understand CompareTheMarket’s offering, so there is no need for the advert to focus on exclusive offers or pricing – although the CompareTheMarket tagline reinforce the cheap car and home insurance available.

Although we already knew that, CompareTheMarket and their meerkats are already so ingrained into the minds of UK consumers that we no longer need reminding of their product offering. This advert is just a friendly reminder of the CompareTheMarket brand personality we all know and love, and therefore decide to use when looking for insurance – think insurance, think meerkats.

Are the meerkats starting to run dry?

Not yet it appears, as 86% commented positively towards the advert – almost every panel member referred to the advert as ‘cute’ and ‘fun’. Most of the panel enjoyed the light-hearted humour of the meerkats, that they are easily watchable. Philip, from Wallsend, went as far to say that he will stop the adverts he is fast-forwarding through specifically to watch the CompareTheMarket advert.

Although some commented negatively, this was mainly down to the jokiness of the brand – which they won’t take them too seriously. A small proportion felt that the CompareTheMeerkat concept cheapens the brand, and the idea of free toys with your insurance only confirms that perception.