Lynx Promote World Peace

“It’s a Shame Peace Isn’t That Easy”
Lynx, the deodorant and body spray, have packed in their ‘irresistible to women’ take on promotion for a much better cause – world peace.

The advert works in a comical way, you have absolutely no idea it’s an advert for Lynx until about the 54th second, as it appears to be an advert filled with scene of war around the world and the different people affected.

Juxtaposition is key to the success of this advert, the violence of war turned around to be something rather beautiful – acts of love – a complete contravention to the initial concept of the advert.

Take a look at the latest advert from Lynx:

How the advert went down with our panel of male consumers; sentiment analysis revealed that 62.5% felt positively towards the advert. These members of the panel liked the fact that a large brand like Lynx/Unilever was supporting a powerful and ethical statement of ‘Make Love. Not War.’. Many felt this advert supports the brand, showing them in a positive light; as they are taking situations most people tend not to shy away from talking about, bringing to attention important current events that are going on every day.

The advert was described as moving and emotional, that it really drew you in with its visually striking cinematography. Although a number felt that advert only really had a major impact the first time they saw it, as it had that surprise factor, wondering what would happen next. But now the advert had been aired a number of times on the television, it’s lost its engaging suspense.
 Not everyone felt positively towards the advert, some felt it was too comical around a serious subject – that they are making light of war. Some of the panel described the advert as a cheap, politically motivated advert, which is taking advantage of those in worse circumstances than us. One panel member felt that advert was just ‘ridiculous’ and ‘disrespectful’.