Has Goldie struck gold with our panel?

The latest advert from Tesco Mobile has kept up with their current brand image; of a fun, creativity affordable and economical brand. A light-hearted and humorous advert, from a light hearted brand.

Tesco Mobile have taken to the preconceived view that when most people think of Tesco Mobile they have low expectations, that people don’t necessarily think Tesco Mobile is in the same league as other phone network providers.

Continuing on from previous Tesco Mobile adverts, where the advert is based on the concept that it’s funny when someone is on Tesco Mobile but really they’re getting an insanely good deal. This ‘banish average’ advert embeds the idea that Tesco is more than average, and when you try their service you will see.

Although the advert was not a massive hit with the panel, as only 53% commented positively towards the advert. This proportion of the advert now felt motivated to go cycling, and liked the idea that Tesco Mobile were promoting the fun side of sport. Many found the advert engaging and enthusiastic, although it did not do much in the way of changing the opinion our panel have towards Tesco Mobile.

‘Cycle Commute’ was seen as quite a naturally filmed advert, not too staged; a small proportion of the panel were reminded of the Tour de France prank YouTube clip, that it appeared Tesco Mobile are trying to recreate.

Paul, from Plymouth, said “It basically tells me that there is nothing to tell me about the product”.

A number of the panel were confused by the advert, not sure they saw the connection between the cycling and Goldie and Tesco Mobile – the advert seemed a bit disjointed. Some felt that the advert did not do Tesco Mobile justice, as it appears the advert is focusing on the current bad perception of the Tesco Mobile brand – and not on what makes their offering different.
Daniel, from London, said “good fun but irrelevant, I don’t know much more about Tesco Mobile apart from the fact they might have won which? thing”.

Surprisingly a number of the panel commented on the Which? top Goldie was wearing, although they did not know why he was wearing the Which? top – some guessed that Tesco Mobile must have recently won a Which? award.

A segment of the panel did not know who Goldie was; some didn’t know whether he was meant to be famous or not, others thought he could be a famous cyclist. Only a small segment of the panel found Goldie to be the right choice for the advert.