Wagamama score well with UK consumers

On the whole Wagamama seem to be doing well with their offering of fast and contemporary East-Asian food, scoring +16.92 on their Net Promoter Score (find out more about Net Promoter Scores).

Discover in this short report what the promoters of the Wagamama believe the brand are doing well, and where the detractors believe Wagamama could improve their offering.

When it comes to fast-casual dining, the Wagamama experience seems to be a hit amongst all ages; filling the gap between fast food and a full sit down meal. Wagamama seemed to have found their niche, therefore it is unsurprising that the amount of promoters to the brand outweigh the detractors.

What Wagamama are doing well:
– their offering of Japanese cuisine has a large variety to the menu, there tends to be something on the menu to please everybody’s taste.
– the meals are affordable, appropriately priced for a lunch out or a quick dinner.
– they are accommodating for different party sizes, anything from a couple up to a large party are welcome, as the sitting arrangements provide an informal and sociable environment
– all the food is freshly prepared and cooked almost in-front of your eyes, providing the Japanese Ramen bar type experience.
– the take-out option and Wagamama app, making Wagamama very accessible.

Where Wagamama could improve:
– some felt that there was not enough on the menu for fussy eaters, others found the menu to be relatively unexciting, with a number of very similar dishes.
– can get very busy at peak times, leading to a long wait in a queue and feeling a bit like you’re all cramped together with the seating arrangements.
– a small proportion of the panel found the prices of the food to be on the expensive side for what you are getting, not perceived value for money.

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