Unleash The B&Q In You!

As Easter comes to a close, and the most popular time of year for home renovations begins, B&Q’s latest advert shows us that we are all capable of DIY. What many of our panel liked about this advert was that it was taking something that tended to be advertised more towards men – DIY – and gardening, and showing that anyone can do it given the right equipment and state of mind.

‘Unleash the B&Q in you’

This fantastic advert from B&Q makes you feel like a superhero (who hasn’t wished for the day they finally become a superhero?), not only does this advert show you that DIY is for everyone, it makes you motivated and empowered to go and do that DIY you’ve been putting off all winter.

This advert comes at a great time, when people are thinking their house could do with a new lick of paint, or they really should plant something out in the garden for summer. Finally the bad weather is no longer an excuse to put off the household work. Accompanied by a number of bank holidays, it appears one thing B&Q do really well is timing. Although a small proportion of the panel felt that B&Q should not just advertise as a summer brand, as many brands specifically alcoholic beverage tend to position themselves with the summer.

You’ve got the power!
A large proportion of the panel commented on the song choice, The Power – Snap. Many felt the song was fitting, that for an advert to be successful the song choice is essential. This noisy, energetic song was described as ‘perfect’ for this advert, as there is a lot going on, it’s a get up and go song.

Although some of the panel found the advert was just too repetitive, that you really got the idea of the advert within the first 20/30 seconds – without too much clarity of what B&Q is necessarily offering that is new or different to the competition.