The Top 5 Most Creative Brands

Discover in this post who our panel rated the best when it came to creative and innovative marketing over the past year. It seems that although Apple were still holding a strong position in terms of brand indientity and status when it comes to the technology market, a number of our panel felt that Microsoft had some strong advertising over the past year.

ComparethemeerkatThe clear winner was CompareTheMarket, as it appears the gimmick of meerkats selling us car and home insurance has still not ran its course. Not only do our television channels get interrupted by cute meerkats almost every 14 minutes, but the company continues to introduce more characters to get us more involved – it’s beginning to be a soap opera all about meerkats. Funny, light-hearted, and very catchy – the meerkats won our hearts at their first ‘simples’.

Three have a very high stance after a great year of advertising, first #DancePonyDance, and then #SingItKitty – they’ve got the likeability, the light-hearted family-friendly tone, the big show tunes that everyone has stuck in their heads. But most importantly why Three has had such success is the shareability, their adverts appear more on our newsfeed than in front of us on the telly – which is incredibly powerful word of mouth marketing, that gets everyone talking.

A number of the panel commented felt that Nike is one of the most creative brands, with their use of well known celebrities and the ‘Just Do It’ tagline. This was mainly down to Nike endorsing sports, and making activities that keep you fit and healthy look appealing to a mass market. Nike stood out as a memorable brand that is easy to associate and distinguish from other sports brands, that have helped well-known athletes get to where they are just do it

Another great brand commented on, Go Pro, for their use of adverts generated by the consumer; promoting how the consumer uses the product in a number of different fascinating environments, as it’s a great product it sells itself without any gimmicks.

Unsurprisingly, Sainsbury’s are up there as one of the most creative brands after their Christmas success. This advert was seen as more successful because it pulls on the heart strings, especially at such a family-orientated time as Christmas.

The Top 5 most creative brands commented on by our panel seemed to take very different approaches to advertising and marketing; as some went for the cute and funny, others tried the do more and be more action take. It seems the key to our panel is making the advert memorable. Others brands mentioned included Honda, EE, Lynx, Dove Beauty Project, Boots, John Lewis and Pepsi.