Did Manchester United make the right decision to sack Moyes?

As the news was announced yesterday morning that Man United had sacked David Moyes, we asked our UK panel whether they thought that United had made the right choice. The responses streamed live to our blog as we received them, and as users were waking up to the news of Moyes being sacked – receiving in the moment, timely and relevant reactions and opinions.

It seemed our panel were almost split down the middle when it came to David Moyes, with 43% commenting that United made the right choice. This proportion of the panel felt that it was going to be difficult for anyone to follow in Ferguson’s shoes, that whoever they would have chosen would only be around for a year or so – it was really only a matter of time.

Of the 57% that felt it was wrong to fire Moyes, many felt that 10 months was not enough time for him to prove himself as manger, that it was inevitable that the first season is going to be tough for a new manager to come in.


See some of the responses from our panel: