Facebook App To Show Exactly Where Your Friends Are.

Facebook will be introducing a new feature on its mobile app to show users their friends in their local area. People using the Facebook app will be notified when friends are nearby, on an opt-in basis. This latest Facebook update will allow you to essentially stalk your friends, but when the stalker becomes to stalkee will we be happy with how involved Facebook are in our lives?

Sarah, from Stratford, said “why on earth would anybody want that?” Of the panel, only 11% said they would consider using the latest feature – the majority of the panel found the latest Facebook update to be too intrusive commenting “where will Facebook stop when it comes to privacy”.

A number of the panel felt it was a case of if they are in the local area to their friends, they will drop them a call or a message if they really wanted to see them. Although some did see the benefit when potentially you are in London, or seeing friends that you might not have seen in a while – if they are in and around the same area as you. Similar uses were mentioned on a night out, seeing if other groups of friends are out, an easy way of finding friends and meeting up.

A number of the panel commented that they do not currently use the Facebook check-in feature, feeling that was already too intrusive, and therefore would definitely would not be using the app.