Waitrose: The Boy and The Carrot

A visually pleasing advert from Waitrose tells the story of a boy’s first attempt at gardening and making his own food. Although the advert goes on for 90 seconds, it tells a nice story that you can’t help but smile at. The message is clear, everyone that works at Waitrose owns Waitrose.

But what does that mean? Not all of our panel were aware that employees of Waitrose own shares in the company, making them all owners; as a number of the panel commented that if you weren’t aware of Waitrose’s principals, you wouldn’t necessarily make the connection between the boy growing his carrot and Waitrose employees being shareholders.

A number of the panel compared this advert to adverts seen from John Lewis that the two partners position themselves very similarly. In terms of the striking imagery and powerful music choice, that tends to bring back childhood memories.

It’s a feel good advert, with a number of the panel commenting that the advert took them back to the first time they had tried to grow something gardening with their parents or grandparents. It’s quite a relatable advert, as you are always more proud of something you have made or grown – that sense of pride that translates to how Waitrose staff must feel about their Waitrose products.

Some of the panel felt that the employees at Waitrose are more motivated within their job in comparison to other supermarket chains. A few commented that they now wanted to go to Waitrose and take more notice of the employees to see if they fit with the message of the advert.

Although the advert was sweet, and lovely, and nice, many felt that the advert was a bit over the top for what they are advertising – however Waitrose are advertising their differentiator which is their staff, and seeing Waitrose as more personable has made Waitrose a more favourable brand in the eye of the consumer.