Sky TV – The Net Promoter Score

Sky TV was described as “by far one of the best TV services in the UK” by Ben, 32, from Orpington; it seemed a number of the panel agreed that Sky TV was increasingly becoming an essential ‘household accessory’. Of our panel, just over 64% are currently Sky TV customers – with a number commenting that they have a package with Sky that includes their phone, internet and television.

In a recent Net Promoter Score survey, Sky TV customers scored the brand +9.79. This means Sky TV are doing well, the number of promoters to their brand exceeds the number of detractors to the brand. However they are not doing too much to make their existing consumer recommend the service to others. For more information on Net Promoter Scores.

On the whole it seems the offering from Sky TV has gone down well with the existing customers, as many commented on the large variety of programs on offer through a good range of packages. Waqas, 28, from Walkthamstow said “Sky One as a channel has exceeded BBC and ITV”, as many felt that Sky offers a much higher quality of programming; with a number specifically mentioning Game of Thrones, 32% of Sky customers said they watch Game of Thrones on Sky.

Sky Sports and Sky Movies were commented on by the panel as the best offerings; especially Sky Sports as quite a few members of the panel said they had specifically chosen Sky TV because of the sports offering. These members of the panel tended to watch football, rugby, or F1, with 52% of all Sky TV customers selecting that the regularly watch the football on Sky.

Other great features of Sky TV commented on by the panel included the access to box sets, so you can easily catch up on a whole series at the push of a button. Others felt the quality of the new shows on Sky was above and beyond their competitors. When it came to customer service, many commented on the initial service of the box and satellite being fitting as outstanding.

However, there were some negatives to the Sky TV brand; the main one had to be cost. A large proportion of the panel saw the basic Sky package as quite a good deal, but when you start adding on different packages – like the movies, sports or kids – it all becomes very costly. Especially now with such tough competition from Virgin TV and BT Vision, a number of the panel commented that they were ex-Sky TV customers because they found a better deal from the competitors. Although many found after switching they were limited on the range of shows, some commented that it was worthwhile for the extra savings.

Some of the panel had previous bad experiences with Sky TV, more specifically the customer service when something has gone wrong, with a small proportion of the panel commenting that the customer service has not offered them much help or left them without Sky TV for a number of weeks because a technician was not available to come out and fix the problem.