Premier Inn – The Budget Hotel Leader.

Premier Inn was recently rated the best UK hotel chain by our panel of UK consumers, looking closer at Premier Inn and the Premier Inn brand; discover what our panel of consumers believe that Premier Inn is doing right and where they need to improve their offering.

On a recent Net Promoter Score survey, Premier Inn scored an NPS of +14.14. Although this doesn’t seem very high out of 100, it does show that Premier Inn’s promoters outweigh their detractors. When it came to Premier Inn, a lot of our panel gave 7 or 8 out of 10 on how highly they would recommend, therefore Premier Inn are doing well, but not well enough to make their customers go out and recommend. For further information on how Net Promoter Scores work, take a look at our recent blog post.

What Premier Inn’s promoters felt the brand are doing well:

– Just under 25% of the panel surveyed scored Premier Inn a 10 out of 10.

– Premier Inn seemed to offer very good perceived value, as their room rates are very competitive – at the same time offering a room that is of a standard quality.

– The rooms are clean, tidy, and have all basic facilities you could need. It’s a no frills hotel chain, but you get exactly what you expect.

– A number of the panel members that were considered promoters to the Premier Inn brand had never had a bad experience on a stay there. The regular users of Premier Inn from our panel commented that they would only stay for a night or two, if they were going for a longer stay somewhere they would probably look for a higher quality hotel.

– Many of the panel felt that Premier Inn offer great breakfast options when it comes to catering for the whole family, be it a hot or cold breakfast.

– A big selling point for some of the panel was the uniformity of the Premier Inn brand, that wherever you stay across the UK, if you choose to stay in a Premier Inn you know exactly what you’re going to get.

What the detractors had to say about the Premier Inn brand:

– It seems that Premier Inn not doing too much to detract consumers from their brand, although their standard offering does not go above the expectations of a consumer to lead them to recommending the brand to their friends or family.

– Some of the panel felt that a number of the Premier Inn hotels could do with some refurbishment, describing some of the hotels they had stayed in as outdated.

– Others felt that on price they were not as good as some of the competitors, and as the majority of the panel are only staying for a night – they are basing their decision much more on price, as they know it’s just one night.

– A small proportion of the panel commented on the location of Premier Inn’s, as they felt the Premier Inn hotels are not always as centrally located as some of the competing hotels.