Live Young with Evian, and Spiderman!

What’s cooler than a baby version of yourself copying everything you do in the mirror? A baby version of Spiderman copying everything he does in a mirror! This fun new advert from Evian will be popping on your newsfeed for at least the next month. But it’s a loveable advert, it’s incredibly light-hearted, and very engaging.

This cross-promotion has gone down very well with our panel, especially in comparison to a similar advert from The Muppets and Lipton Tea. Sentiment analysis of the advert revealed that 89.4% of the panel felt positively towards the advert. Martin, from Wellingborough, said “that has got to be one of the funniest adverts I’ve seen in ages”, it seemed on the whole the advert is extremely successful.


“To be honest, I don’t care what they’re selling. That is one of the best adverts that I’ve seen, it’s brilliant.” The advert was described as fun, youthful, cute, and attention grabbing by the panel. Many felt it was the type of advert they wouldn’t mind seeing again, commenting that the advert gave them a great impression of the Evian brand. Evian adverts were put in the same league as Cadbury adverts by a small proportion of the panel – creative, clever and a bit random.

The advert is definitely shareable, with a number of our panel saying that they had already shared the advert to Facebook or shown it their friends/family after watching the advert but before completing their VoxPopMe response. “One of the most “attention-to-detail” adverts that I think I’ve ever seen.” Some of the panel commented on the music choice, a remix of Ini Kamoze’s ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ by Yuksek, saying it was fitting with the advert. 

You could definitely tell this was an Evian advert, after their previous Evian baby adverts, many felt that this advert was definitely aimed at a younger audience.  A number of the panel liked that the advert was directed more towards children, as water is the healthiest drink for them, the use of a superhero like Spiderman makes a child more likely to choose water as their favoured drink.

Although not everyone saw the point behind the advert, how Spiderman was connected to Evian or how they were relevant. Only 4.5% of the panel commented negatively towards the advert, finding it all a bit long – these members of the panel tended to prefer adverts that were specific to the product.