Tesco – Net Promoter Score

Discover in this report how Tesco were rated by our panel of UK consumers at the end of Quarter 1 of the calender year, how they scored when it came to their Net Promoter Score(NPS), what the promoters and the detractors of the brand believe Tesco are doing well and where they could improve their offering to increase their NPS score.

As explained in a previous VoxPopMe blog post; a Net Promoter Score is the subtraction of the detractors to the Tesco brand from the promoters to the Tesco brand. Scoring a 0 NPS means a brand is doing okay in the eyes of the consumer, they are not doing anything to make their consumers talk negatively about their brand, but similarly they are not doing anything to make consumers talk positively about their brand – which means little to no word of mouth marketing. More information on NPS

As you can see from the above gauge, Tesco has scored relatively averagely at -3.88 – as the detractors just outweigh the promoters to the Tesco brand.

Why 27.18% of our panel are promoters to the Tesco brand:

– The large range of general merchandise available all under one roof; the home entertainment, clothing and home furnishing were most commented on. Amanda, 58, said “it [Tesco] has absolutely everything”.

– The quality is good, from Tesco Finest to Tesco Value, these members of our panel found the quality of the food over and above the attached price.

– The promotions and deals as there are a lot of special discounts that are very obviously placed at the ends of each isle – making it easier to shop and find the bargains.

– The Clubcard, many of the panel felt that the Clubcard is the best loyalty scheme offered by a supermarket, as you can gain the points on all Tesco items including fuel. Then the points are renewable on a load of different rewards, from in-store money off to day-out vouchers or even Eurotunnel trips.

Why 31.06% of our panel are detractors to the Tesco brand:

– These members of the panel described the Tesco experience as unpleasant shopping, with a number commenting on previous bad experiences when it came to customer service in Tesco, that the staff were not as approachable as in other supermarkets; and the cleanliness of the stores.

– The Horse meat scandal affect how many perceived Tesco, with almost half of the detractors commenting that the Tesco brand was hit the worst by the horse meat scandal – finding themselves not trusting the Tesco brand after such a scandal.

– Some felt Tesco can be much more expensive in comparison to their competitors, with one panel member commented that Tesco was “Sainsbury’s prices on Asda quality”.

– A small proportion of the panel found that the fresh food dates are relatively short, leading to a number of the users needing to do ‘top-up’ shops in the week. For example, consumers going to Tesco on a Sunday found that some of the fresh food stock they were purchasing was only best before the Tuesday or Wednesday.