O2 score averagely in their most recent Net Promoter Score

As we begin quarter 2 of the calender year, we heard from our panel of UK consumers that are current O2 customers; what they think of the O2 brand, how likely they are to recommend O2 to a friend or relative, and what O2 could do to increase their brand rating.

It seems that O2 scored just below average when it came to their Net Promoter Score, just missing the mark with a score of -14.29.

The Net Promoter Score is worked out by subtracting the number of detractors to the O2 brand away from the number of promoters to the O2 brand. If you have a positive number then it means you have more promoters than detractors, and are doing very well in the eyes of your consumers. Further NPS information.

What the promoters think of the O2 brand:

– The O2 priority moments were mentioned by almost all promoters, many of the panel felt that O2 offer the best loyalty bonuses of all phone network providers through the use of priority moments. Many commenting on the use of rewards that are treats or evenings out as opposed to just money off their contracts; like money off cinema tickets, priority tickets for gigs, and discount meals out.

– A number felt that O2 are very price competitive on their mobile phone tariffs, and offer a cheaper phone bill than there other large competitors – with many specifically mentioned a more favourable cost attached to an O2 contract over an EE contract.

– All of the promoters to the O2 brand said they had never had any previous bad experiences with the brand, that the phone network has never gone down for them, with a small proportion of the panel commenting that they have never even needed to phone the customer service line. Some commented that they are in quite an excluded area and still manage to get good signal from O2.

What the detractors think of the O2 brand:

– The detractors felt that the customer service quality has decreased, and is of a low quality in terms of slow response times or too long spent on hold waiting to speak to a customer service representative.

– Others commented on previous bad experiences they had had with signal failure for a number of days, or hidden charges they hadn’t spotted leading to a higher cost to their monthly bill.

– A small proportion felt that O2 were not price competitive when it came to mobile data, as a many of O2’s competitors offer all inclusive or unlimited mobile data with a number of their tariffs.

– There seemed to be no differentiation between a new customer and an existing customer, as some of the panel felt that a brand new customer walking in off the street could get the same deal as they could after being loyal to the network for 10 years.