Enjoy the Sunrise with Heineken

The statement ‘Dance More Drink Slow’ really resonated with our panel of UK consumers, as just over 87% commented positively towards the advert – many found it refreshing that an alcoholic drinks brand was promoting sensible drinks as opposed to idealising binge drinking. The advert was perceived as an advert that makes you want to go out and have a good night, but reinforces that you don’t have to drink too much to have a good night in a relatively indirect way.

Many felt that at the start of the advert it seemed to be the normal run of the mill alcohol advert, but when the main character obviously reached for the water it was taking a different angle. The focus for the advert did not seem to be the Heineken product offering, but more the idea of social and safe drinking. The majority of the panel felt the advert increased their perception of the Heineken brand.

The majority of the older panel members felt that the advert was aimed for a younger audience, showing a night out up until sunrise. Although they felt the advert did not appeal to them, they liked the concept of the advert the promotion of enjoying drink and enjoying a night out safely. Some felt that Heineken was the first brand they had seen moving in the direction to promote drinking their product in moderation.

The advert was described as visually pleasing, very colourful, and original; many found the advert was extremely effective through the bright imagery, that it makes you want to go out and enjoy Henieken. Although some found the advert a bit confusing to begin with, and you wouldn’t necessarily associate it with Heineken until the last shot with the logo.