Is the new England match shirt worth £90?

The New England match shirt definitely got our panel talking; with the price tag of the shirt at £90 – it seemed the majority of our panel felt strongly about the price. The price of the match shirt was described as ‘ludicrous’, ‘unjustifiable’, ‘extortionate’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘a rip-off’ by almost all of our panel.

Many felt the cost of the shirt was taking advantage of those loyal supporters, as it’s a World Cup year there are a number of fans that will be willing to pay the extra cost to show their support. Football, especially when it comes to the World Cup, brings a sense of community and patriotism – that football is for everyone, no matter their social-economical status. However the pricing of the England top at £90 was perceived to be unnecessarily high by the majority of our panel that not even the average Joe would not spend £90 on a t-shirt – but really it is out of the price range of the majority of people.

A number of the panel said that really there was nothing too special about the top, it’s very plain, and looks the very similar to the old one. Many commented that with the attached price of £90 and the simple design, that a lot of clones would be produced – with a small proportion stating they would buy a fake one if the price was right.

Others felt that at only £40-45 for their own team t-shirt that they can wear all year round to league games; that double the cost for a t-shirt to support a cup for such a short amount of time was obscene. Needless to say, almost our entire panel said they would not be spending £90 on the England match shirt.