Vodafone – The Call

77% of our emergency services are on Vodafone. On one hand that’s an impressive statistic, it shows that Vodafone is not only a trusted brand by the consumer, but trusted when it comes to a life or death situation. The advert perceives them as reliable, reliable enough to be given to one of the most important and vital services in the UK  – the emergency services.

However, a small proportion of the panel felt that this statistic could potentially have been influenced by Vodafone offering a discount to emergency services so they could monopoly the market. One panel member was more concerned that if the Vodafone network was to drop, that would lead to the majority of the emergency services being cut off.

83% of the panel felt positively towards the advert from Vodafone


The advert was described as slow and dramatic, a relatively serious advert when you compare it to #BeMoreDog or #SingItKitty from Vodafone’s competitors. But in that light, they’re going for a different type of customer – the customer that wants a good, reliable, family service. The advert makes Vodafone look like a vital brand, there for you exactly when you need it.


Although a number of the panel felt that the advert seemed a bit random, until the end where it all ties together. It is an interesting message, it’s a good story, it’s emotive, with a number of the panel feeling that it wasn’t too over the top – that it drew you in like an action film, well shot and produced to cinematic quality.

Has the advert changed the perception of Vodafone in the eyes of our panel? On the whole no, although a number of the panel said they were more inclined to look at Vodafone’s offers. They didn’t perceive the Vodafone brand in a fun or funky way – unlike previous adverts from Vodafone, like Yoda – and many felt that the advert, although it was gripping, would be relatively easy to forget.

Only 17% of the panel commented negatively towards the advert, with a small number feeling the advert was over the top for a phone advert. Others felt that the advert did not really advertise phones, their network or offers, that it was more an advert to play on your emotions than change your feelings towards the Vodafone brand.