The Unbelieveable Bus Stop By Pepsi Max

Stood at a London Bus Stop, waiting for your number 73 on a dreary and dull spring day; perhaps the least likely place to see a Bengal tiger, unless there’s been an escape from the London Zoo; furthermore you are probably not likely to see a UFO invasion or 92 ft robot. Well that’s all changed, as a unbelievable new campaign from Pepsi Max hits our London streets.

What’s great about this advert is it’s like watching Fool Britannia, or Just for Laughs – it’s not like watching an advert, having a product pushed in your face, or even worse watching an abstract advert and left second guessing what the advert was all about. It’s like sitting down with the family to watch the latest episode of You’ve Been Framed – it’s people like me or you, unsuspecting, unknowingly about to have the shock of their lives.

We read articles all about new technologies, and the ability to bring to life advertising, but this is the first real example of interactive augmented reality advertising in the UK. What does this mean to Pepsi Max? Well, apart from at least 68% of the panel describing them as a cool and fun brand; they’re the innovators, they’re trendy, they’re forward thinking, they’re ahead of the times, and at the moment ahead of Coca-Cola to a number of our panel.

A considerable number now wanted to go and find the bus stop to be part of what they perceived as the future of advertising. Chris, 22, described the advert as “one of the best adverts I’ve seen in a long time”; many of the panel liked the way Pepsi took something incredibly boring, like waiting for a bus, and made it into something exciting and unique that everyone wants to talk about.

Commenting that Pepsi is a shareable and social drink, just like the advert. Alan, from Ealing, said that after watching the advert he had already “shown it to a couple of people this afternoon, and all of them have finished watching with a smile on their face”. The advert was extremely well received, with little to no criticism of the advert or the Pepsi Max brand; described as a pleasure to watch Simon, from Brighton, said “that advert was a minute and a half, but felt like seconds because I was enjoying it so much”.