Bingo! The Conservative PR campaign that stirred emotions.

Although there was a considerable number of changes to come out of this year’s budget, it seemed the Conservative party were very fixed on which ones they wanted to advertise – however their focus on bingo and beer has gone down similarly to a lead balloon, not only to our panel – as 84% commented negatively towards the advert – but it seems to have created a national stir.

The poster ‘Bingo! Cutting the beer tax and bingo duty to help hard working people do more of the things they enjoy’ – as good as the intention seems, that the Conservatives are trying to appeal to more of the general public. But what came across to a number of our panel is that the Conservative party is out of touch with the working class, a number felt mortified and appalled that the Tories just perceive the working class as alcoholics and gamblers.

Yes, there are a number of people that will benefit from slightly cheaper beer and bingo, but the generalisation of ‘one for the working class’ left many of the panel insulted. Kat, from Chester, said “I’m a bit shocked by that advert; I can’t actually believe what I have seen“.

On the other hand, a small proportion of the panel commented that it was easy to criticise the advert as it has been in the media so much recently. But the on the whole the budget was good, and although there are more important and valuable benefits of the budget, the poster is more just a way of getting us to talk about the budget.