If London were Syria: Save the Children’s Hard-Hitting Advert

The latest Save the Children campaign saw a number of our panel taken back, with many expressing feelings of realisation and shock. The advert really brought home something that we are so disconnected to, emphasised with the tag line ‘just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening’. Many felt that the we go about our daily lives ignoring the news that we don’t really want to read or hear; as we are not directly affected by it, it is so easy to ignore.

Francesca, from Reading, said “I instantly stopped what I was doing, turned and watched this advert”. A considerable proportion commented that when they first opened the link to the advert they did not have their full attention on it, but as the advert was so gripping and powerful it drew in the user to watch the whole 90 seconds.

Michael, from London, described the advert as “one of the best adverts in favour of charity I’ve ever seen”. As the advert is set in London, it shows surroundings that we can relate to, a child that we could relate to as part of our own family, and how quickly life as we know it can change similar to the situation in Syria.

Unlike many adverts for overseas charities we normally see, with the shock factor of footage of what is going on in those particular countries. This advert puts you in the heart of the violence of what is going on in Syria, in the place of what is happening, not just simply showing you.

“One of the most heartbreaking videos I have ever seen”, the emotive advert made many of our panel now consider donating to Save the Children after seeing the innocent children and families affected by the Syrian conflict. The message was clear, and although the advert was 90 seconds long, it was concise, well constructed and straight to the point. If you’d like to read more on the work of Save the Children –