When it came to Argos, the majority of our panel saw the brand in a positive light; with a number commenting that their click and reserve online service option has made them much more frequent users of Argos. Many felt that when purchasing online you have to worry about someone being in to take the parcel or risk leaving it with neighbours, however with Argos’ service you can now collect your items when it is convenient. One of the panel described Argos as “my go-to place”, another said  “Argos is one of my favourite stores”.


What our panel believe Argos are doing well:

  • Argos was described as a well-known British brand by a proportion of the panel, that liked how Argos had remained present in almost all UK town centres. With a number commenting on Argos’ ability to remain price competitive while still positioned on the high street.
  • As well as widely available offline, the panel gave credit to their online service that allows you to look at other buyer’s ratings and reviews.
  • Click and reserve from Argos allows further convenient and easy online purchasing, with a number of stores to choose to collect from.
  • Some of the panel mentioned good customer service from friendly staff that are relatively helpful.

Where our panel believe Argos need to improve their offering:

  • A number of the panel saw Argos as price competitive on the high street, but in comparison to other online alternatives, like Amazon, they could do with better price matching.
  • A small proportion felt that search option could be easier to use on the website.
  • When ordering instore, some of the panel felt that the time spent queuing and waiting could be reduced. Others had previous bad experiences with customer service instore that they felt could be improved.