The different ways your life has been impacted by the internet.

As this week marks the 25th anniversary of the internet, we thought it would be very fitting to ask our panel how the internet has most affected them. Gareth, from Swansea, summed up the majority of our panel with his comment “I couldn’t live without the internet”. It seemed a large number of the panel found that they use the internet for almost every aspect of their lives.

Here is a collection of some of our favourite responses:


The most popular use of the internet mentioned by our panel had to be social media, with a large amount commenting on the ability to keep in touch with their family across the world with such ease. A number of the panel recognised the internet as critical to their jobs and education. Louise, from Brighton, said “being a student, Wikipedia is my best friend”.

We had a few love stories from our panel as a number had met their partner over the internet or through online dating. Others commented on the efficiency of online banking, as transfers can now be made so swiftly. TV shows, films, and music were all seen as revolutionary by the internet; as whatever you want to watch or listen to is now available at the click of your finger.