McCafe – Putting On The Ritz

McDonald’s continue to promote their ever lengthening coffee menu, but is their proposition of ‘McCafe’ positioning them as a competitor to big coffee chain brands like your Starbucks and Costa Coffee?

It seemed overall that the advert was received relatively well by our panel, showing the McDonald’s brand in a positive and inclusive way. The advert is set in the UK, and a number of the panel liked the fact that such a huge global brand like McDonald’s had put the effort in to make a specific UK advert.

Overall our panel of UK consumers were unsure about the McDonald’s advert, with a number appreciating what they are trying to achieve by positioning themselves as not just a fast food chain. Although many felt McDonald’s had vastly improved their coffee quality, a large proportion of the panel did not see McDonald’s as a competitor to coffee shops.

Many picked up on the idea the advert was trying to portray, that you don’t have to go to McDonald’s to sit down and eat, McDonald’s can be a place to relax and grab and a drink with your friends or family. However the majority felt this was not the case of McDonald’s, and the advert was not a true representation of what it is like inside a McDonald’s.

On the whole, the song choice for the advert ‘putting on the Ritz’ went down well. Although some felt that comparing McDonald’s to the Ritz was overstepping the mark a bit. However the song was seen as fitting with the positioning of McDonald’s as an upmarket brand.

Although the advert did not necessarily achieve direct competition to Starbucks or Costa in the mind of the consumer, it did seem to move McDonald’s out of just the ‘fast-food’ market, as a number of the panel now saw McDonald’s as slightly higher than their existing competitors, Burger King and KFC.