Birds Eye Brand Relaunch

Prior to Birds Eye’s brand relaunch campaign, we asked our panel of UK consumers their current opinion of the brand; what they thought Birds Eye were doing well, and where they need to improve their offering. On the whole the Birds Eye brand was perceived positively by our panel, although a number of the panel associated the brand with children’s food; either from their own childhood or what they cook for their children.

Birds Eye was described by Imran, from Bolton, as “the nation’s favourite for fish fingers, garden peas, can’t fault them at all”. It seemed Birds Eye was perceived as a ‘family favourite’ by a number of our panel, a classic brand that has always been around – nostalgia as you serve up a big plate of fish fingers and potato waffles, brings you back to your childhood.

A surprisingly low amount of the panel mentioned the healthier options available from Birdseye, like the ‘rice fusion’ and ‘baked to perfection’ ranges. On the whole, the panel associated the Birds Eye brand with fish fingers, chicken dippers and frozen vegetables. 16% commented on the adverts featuring Captain Birds Eye, in comparison to only 5% that mentioned the Birds Eye polar bear.

It seems that Birds Eye products compared well to supermarket own brands, with a number commenting on the better quality ingredients used by Birds Eye. Mark, from Wirral, said “if I was going to pick some battered cod, it would definitely be Birdseye instead of own brand stuff”. Although some felt that Birdseye could do with better product placement in supermarkets, as the brand is easy to miss amongst the busy freezer cabinets full of offers.

Our panel felt Birds Eye could improve the transparency of their food sources; there were mixed reviews around the quality of the meat and fish in their products, with some commenting on the standard being considerably less than fresh food. Others felt that there was a lot of price competition in supermarkets, that Birdseye could do better to match.

If you are interested in the Birds Eye rebrand, here is their latest advert: