Could your gym membership offer more value?

We asked our panel of UK consumers all about their gym memberships; what sort of prices they would consider paying for a monthly gym membership, and what facilities they would expect from their membership to consider it value for money. The gym membership holders of our panel were relatively split when it came to the perceived value of their current membership. The mode amount being paid by our panel is between £25 and £35, with some paying as much as £50 to £70.

Although those who paid the higher amounts appeared to be happier with their gym, as their membership included a large number of facilities available on a 24/7 basis, with extra added bonuses such as a personal trainer. However the majority of our panel commented that they were unwilling to spend a large amount on their monthly membership, anything over £35.

The main features that our panel were looking for in their gym member really was more ‘bang for their buck’, having all of the gym features included in the monthly cost, not having a load of add-ons. This came down to swimming pools, gym classes, sauna/jacuzzi, access to a good gym instructor, as well as the gym access.

Others felt that friend or family incentives would make their membership more valuable. In terms of family, some commented on included access to a crèche so they could bring their children and not have to worry about child minding services; or inclusive family swimming, so they could all go swimming together without an extra charge. When it came to friends, the gym members wanted the ability to bring their friends on a free pass every so often.

Motivation was a big factor for many when it came to joining a gym. Some commented on how they had cancelled their gym membership, although there was perceived value, as they were just not motivated to go and therefore wasting money every month. Therefore a number felt that having someone at the gym put together a training plan for you with motivational goals would incline them more to continue their membership at the gym. Others felt it was just as simple as a text, phone call, or email mentioning they hadn’t been to the gym in awhile could be motivating enough to get them back.

Further expectations from our panel included more options of sports, like renting tennis/courts; a rolling contract that is easy to cancel, so they are not too tied down; a high level of cleanliness of the gym; and good availability of the equipment in peak times.