Just-Eat – the number one in the online takeaway market?

68% were considered promoters to the Just-Eat brand, this was mainly due to the ease of use of the Just-Eat service. It’s about the discovery of new places in your area that you might not have been aware of, not having to search round your house for that paper leaflet that was delivered earlier in the week, and easy ordering a variety of food straight to your doorstep.

Christopher, from Sherbourne, described Just-Eat as the “only online service I can name off the top of my head”, as a large amount of the panel described Just-Eat as the number one place in the online food delivery market. There seemed to be a general theme that Just-Eat caters for everyone, with a number of different tastes, described as a “one-stop shop”.

It’s great when you’re in a new town, unsure of what’s in your local area, just over 43% described Just-Eat as a brand they would trust. Others commented on the use of the Just-Eat app being extremely efficient, as well as the ability to save previous orders to favourites. A large proportion of the panel saw Just-Eat as a bit of a takeaway comparison site, that you could look at the different menus and pricing and weigh up which is the best option.

A small proportion commented on being able to see online reviews of the takeaways, so if you are trying a brand new one it’s really helpful to be able to see what others think – like purchasing anything off the internet, there’s that fear of the unknown. Although many felt that being able to see customer reviews would enhance the site, and make them more likely to order with Just-Eat, currently unaware of the use of reviews.

12% were considered detractors to the Just-Eat brand, this was mainly due to previous bad experiences – finding that what they’ve ordered has not been of a great quality, and therefore felt they could no longer trust the Just-Eat brand. A few members of the panel commented on a documentary they had seen, where the orders placed through Just-Eat were not actually going to a real takeaway.

Other areas for Just-Eat to improve included the minimum delivery order, many commented that it was too high for when they were just ordering alone. Although some felt that it was considerably cheaper to go straight through the takeaways, whereas others commented on the low availability of Just-Eat participating takeaways in their area.