Has Three’s #SingItKitty topped #DancePonyDance?

Rebecca, from Liverpool, described #SingItKitty as “literally the best advert on TV”. It appears the latest advert from Three has that feel-good effect we’ve come to love in the most successful TV adverts. It’s got a belter of a song that really appeals to a large proportion of our panel. Although a number of the panel commented on the use of children and pets, that the advert is just a people pleaser – bound to endear the general public.

The advert was received very positively by our panel, with 76% commenting on how much they enjoyed the advert. Mandy, from Yeovil, felt the advert was “market leading, probably one of the best adverts they’ve (Three) has ever done”.

#SingItKitty was described as comical and relatable, quite a lively advert that gives you that nostalgic feeling and reminds you of your childhood. Most of the panel found the advert really easy to watch all the way through. Mardon, from Tashkent, said the advert was “a pleasure to watch from start to finish”, similarly a number of the panel found themselves watching the advert willingly more than once.

The song choice went down well with the panel, as it’s one of those classic songs you may not have heard for a while – but once you have heard it, it will stick in your mind for the next week. A small proportion found themselves singing along to the advert. Although Chris, from Sheffield, said “I can’t help thinking, would she really know that song? Probably not”.

Nowadays there are a number of adverts that now use animal and lip syncing to try and portray that their brand has a good sense of humour – what really makes this advert stand out to our panel is the social interaction integration, that you can go and make your own video with your own friends. Nearly 26% mentioned that they had seen the advert shared a number of times on Facebook; it gets you talking, and it gets you laughing, which makes you want to share it.

Similarly to the #DancePonyDance advert, on first watch you aren’t aware that the advert is for Three until the end. Some of the panel saw this quite positively as it gets you thinking more about the advert if it’s not obvious; Linda, from Ellesmore Port, said she has a “who’s the advert for?” competition with her husband, that keeps them entertained during advert breaks.

But which advert is better, #SingItKitty or #DancePonyDance? Our panel were split, #SingItKitty just won with 53% of the panel. It was unanimous that both adverts had a similar effect, with the powerful song choice and complete randomness to Three’s product offering. Although some of the panel felt that the #DancePonyDance had a more fitting song choice, that Three will allow you to be with your significant others everywhere with their network connection.

Not all of our panel liked to advert, 20% commented there was just no connection between the advert and Three – with a number stating they were getting a bit tired with loosely connected advert, the advert does not show any differentiation between what Three offer as a network provider to any competitor.