The New Advert from Guinness – Sapeurs

Another spectacular advert from Guinness, that tells yet another engaging story, that are always visually so strong without pushing their product. 76% commented that they liked the advert, finding the advert fitting and inspirational – that Guinness is emphasising the fact that their brand is for everyone, inclusive and multinational. Mardon from Tashkent said ‘this advert perfectly fits the Guinness brand’, with a number of the panel agreeing that this is another great classic Guinness brand, that is well thought out and memorable.

A number of the panel felt connected to the new advert, commenting on the running theme of the advert that Guinness is for the well deserved, hard working people. As many more manual workers, like builders or plumbers etc in the past would be seen as ‘rough and ready’, nowadays the generation of manual workers are still well deserved drinkers of Guinness, but they are now taking pride in their appearance, an emphasis that we are stylish at night – no matter what we do.

What our panel liked about the advert:

Although others argued that for such a predominately Irish brand, this particular advert was fairly disconnected. Other Guinness adverts that stood out previously to our panel were the very striking black and white advert, specifically the Guinness surfer advert with horses. Therefore this one stood out a bit like a sore thumb, with the use of very vibrant and powerful colours.

However, not everyone was a fan of the new Guinness advert – with 24% commented that they felt that advert was too loosely connected to the Guinness brand. Sam from Port Glasgow commented that the advert was “unusual for a Guinness ad”. That it was intense and well made – but it was more of a film trailer, the advert itself was not actually unique to Guinness, it could have been any brand mentioned at the end. Others felt the advert was simply too long, reaching 100 seconds, it’s not short and sweet and simply to the point.

What our panel disliked about the advert: