The 6 videopinions you need to see on the #CatandBudgie advert.

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The recently aired ‘Cat and Budgie’ advert from Freeview amused a number of our panel, with the tale of the unlikely story of two friends – a cat and a budgie. Although the advert was described as memorable, and heart-warming, it seems a number of our panel are getting tired of the number of animal adverts there now are.

Take a look at the advert:



The 6 types of videopinions:
1. The upbeat, cheery videopinion. It’s bound to put you in a good mood. I mean – it’s a budgie and a cat, and they’re friends, and they’re singing! It’s the kind of advert our panel found would put them in a feel-good mood, it’s not an ‘in your face’ or aggressive advert, it’s just good fun.

2. The ‘it’s cute’ videopinion. It’s a nice story of two improbable friends. At first you don’t know whether they’re going to get along, whether they’ll hate each other, or what the outcome to the story will be. So in that sense, it makes you guess what might happen next and engages you.

3. The ‘it’s hilarious’ videopinion. It’s amusing and compelling at the same time, it’s bound to make you crack a smile! But it fits with previous Freeview adverts, it maintains the Freeview brand with the song choice, but it’s also similarly quite fluffy and comical.

4. The second guessing videopinion. It’s one of those adverts where the point is not clear. Which is kind of nice, it keeps you guessing, and it keeps you interested. But most importantly, it makes you watch the whole advert, so that you get the whole story – it’s not the kind of advert you can switch on near the end of the cat and budgie duet and understand what has gone on.

5. The confused videopinion. It’s super confusing! A cat and a budgie, sworn enemies are friends? What is the woman thinking owning a cat and a budgie? Many of our panel commented on the amount of recent adverts that could really be for any brand, as the story only really ties into the brand at the end.

6. The shareable videopinion. But it has got the shareable factor. It’s the kind of advert you feel obligated to share with your fellow cat lovers! Nowadays the most successful adverts are the ones that get us talking, and get us sharing with our friends – a small proportion of the panel commented that they would be sharing this advert with their friends and family.