What is your approach to facial moisturisers?

We asked our female panel members a series of questions about their approach to facial moisturising; how often they moisturise their face, what their preferred moisturiser brand is, and why they favour that specific brand. Of those surveyed, just under 78% moisturise their face at least once a day, with 17% moisturising their face multiple times a day.

When it came to brands of facial moisturiser, there was no clear winner, although 20% found themselves choosing Nivea as their preferred brand. While many seemed to find their preferred brand through trial and error of what works with their skin, 7% commented that they had always used the same moisturiser that their mother did.

How often do you use facial moisturiser?

Many of the panel found themselves preferring a ‘lighter’ moisturiser, looking for brands that had either been recommended or had great reviews. 63% stuck to the same brand of moisturiser, as they trusted the brand and product. Although 21% were swayed by the price of the product, and were likely to try a new brand of moisturiser if there was a good promotional offer – although these users tended not to have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Which is your preferred brand of moisturiser?

29% selected ‘other’ when it came to their brand of moisturisers. The other brands specified included Soap and Glory, Garnier, Freederm, Benefit, The Body Shop, and even one user opting to make her own home-made moisturiser.

Interestingly, a number commented that they chose their moisturiser for anti-ageing or spot reducing properties – 34% of the panel mentioned that they weren’t sure whether the supposed effects were working with only 11% finding themselves completing their whole skin routine with the same brand.