Should Scotland remain part of the UK?

A referendum on Scottish independence takes place September 2014, which could potentially end a 305-year-old political union with England. The Scottish National Party believes that the Scottish economy and social policies will flourish as part of an independent country. However, according to The Guardian the majority of Scots disagree. We asked our panel whether they think Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom.

The Scottish opinion

Our Scottish VoxPopMe research agreed with The Guardian. 73% of the panel from Scotland want to remain part of the U.K. Many VoxPopMe users believe that Scotland is not strong or big enough economy-wise to survive alone.

The opposing 27% believe ‘Scotland gets swallowed up by the label of U.K’. They no longer want to be seen as a smaller part of England, but that they are a different country with a different culture.

See what some of the panel thought:

English opinion

Of the English panel, 61% believe it would be in the interest of both Scotland and the UK for them to remain as part of the UK. A running theme was that Scotland is part of UK history and heritage and together we have a common cultural identity. Scotland may also face problems with having to reapply to the E.U and fund their own currency.

Only 8% thought Scotland should leave the UK, with one argument being that England spend the money but Scotland reap the benefits through free university and prescriptions and a few similar comments. A few believed that Scotland deserved freedom from the UK constraints, as they could grow without the debt carried by the UK.

See what some of the panel thought: