We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the Lidl brand, what they thought Lidl were doing well and where they need to improve their offering. On the whole our panel seemed to perceive Lidl relatively positively, however a number of comparsions were drawn between the Lidl and Aldi brands.

58% of the panel were considered promoters to the Lidl brand, and considered themselves to be a regular shopper at Lidl. Of that, 37% commented as students that they found Lidl incredibly good, that a weekly shop can cost much less when it comes to non fresh products. As for fresh food the panel felt it’s more ‘you get what you see’, but most the of the panel saw the produce as essentially the same quality at a far more reduced price than other supermarket competitors. Others commented that the increasing cost of living led them to seeking cheaper alternatives, and were surprised by the quality they received from Lidl.

A large number of the panel saw the Lidl brand positively, although interestingly a proportion of the panel felt that other people see Lidl as a cheapened brand – that Lidl’s main problem is actually getting people through the door, as once they step into a Lidl store they will see the mixture of branded and unbranded quality products.

41% compared Lidl very closely to Aldi, although there was a disagreement when it came to which was the stronger brand. A number commented on strong advertising from Lidl around Christmas, however they had not since seen much advertising of the brand. Many felt that Lidl should do more to differ themselves from the Aldi brand, Alan, 41, said “I actually have an infinite amount of trouble distinguishing Lidl from Aldi… To be honest with you, up until about a year ago I actually thought they were one in the same.”

When it came to the range available at Lidl, the panel had mixed reviews – although there was a general trend that they seem to have a large variety when it comes to more snack-type foods; when it comes to a full weeks shop they lack on some of the household essentials. Only 24% of the panel commented on the in-store bakery, with a number saying that Lidl should focus on advertising their fresh products.

A number of the panel felt that Lidl could potentially do with more organisation in the stores, or a better store layout, so that the isles are easier to navigate through – a number of the panel felt that Lidl was very hard to shop in at peak times. Another area to improve for some of the panel is store location, this specifically rang true for the student panel members, as they did not find that Lidl is placed within walking distance to local town centres in comparison to competing supermarkets.