Budweiser Super Bowl Advert – “Puppy Love”

We asked our panel of UK consumers to view Budweiser’s Super Bowl advert ‘Best Buds’, the story of two unlikely friends – a dog and a horse. It seems that although the advert was relatively confusing and disjointed, many of our panel enjoyed the story.




83% of the panel enjoyed the advert, that it was cute and the story of a nice friendship – but a considerable amount found the advert to be too loosely connected to Budweiser, that this was purely a desperate attempt from Budweiser to attract animal lovers. A large amount of the panel commented on the number of animal-related adverts nowadays, pulling on our heart strings and associating animals with positive thoughts.

A number of the panel commented on the advert being relatively disconnected, that it was quite confusing until the ending link of ‘best buds’. 64% of the panel felt that Budweiser was predominately quite a masculine brand, that this advert did not fit with their core target market, with many feeling confused about the Budweiser brand. A few members of the panel remembered previous adverts from Budweiser that contained amusing animals, and saw this advert as quite fitting.

But let’s not forget the advert aired on Super Bowl night, again very male dominated, it’s almost as if Budweiser have gone for a more family approach. There is a good message at the end, it is a well put together advert and it is memorable – perhaps they are trying to show the sweeter side to their brand. On the whole the advert did work for our panel, with 47% commenting on the great music choice.