We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the Amazon brand, what they liked about the brand and where they thought Amazon could improve their offering. A massive 81% were considered promoters to the Amazon brand, with a number of the panel going as far as to say that Amazon was one of their favourite brands. Steven, 25, said ‘like most people – Amazon is one of my go-to online retailers’.



What our panel felt Amazon are doing well:

  • The wide range of products. Not many places online you can visit and buy almost anything you can think of.
  • Not only are the range of products, but they are all competitively priced – it is not often you won’t find a product on Amazon without a number of different sellers.
  • They’re competing with eBay on their market place, as you are now able to buy and sell privately – Amazon are a brand many felt they could trust, therefore they felt more confident buying privately from Amazon.
  • It’s a good efficient service; items ordered will arrive within the given delivery time and well packaged. One of the panel described Amazon’s delivery service as ‘second to none’. Including Amazon’s Locker Scheme and Amazon Prime – which were both commented on as a great asset to make Amazon more accessible around Christmas time.
  • The Kindle. Many of the panel felt that the Kindle was one of the better e-readers available, with a huge selection of book titles available.
  • The website is user friendly, with a number of the panel commenting on how easy they found purchasing with Amazon, which had been made even more accessible by the ‘on-click’ option.

Overall there isn’t much our panel felt that Amazon could improve on; none of the panel were considered detractors to the brand. Although there was a number of the panel that agreed delivery charges could potentially be more negotiable. Others felt their advertising and emailing was on the aggressive side, if a user had searched for a product on Amazon they would then be bombarded with adverts for the product.

Watch some responses from our panel.