4 reasons the latest VW advert really works

We asked our panel of UK consumers to review one of the latest adverts from Volkswagen. On the whole their was a positive feeling towards the advert and the Volkswagen brand, with 91% commenting on how much they enjoyed the advert.

The advert was described as ‘imaginative’, ‘amusing’ and ‘well thought out’, with a number of the panel commenting on how the advert remained relevant to the product and brand while still being funny – where many companies nowadays struggle to achieve both in an advert.


Why the advert works:

It’s family friendly, just like their cars. The advert starts with a father-daughter situation that many of us can relate to do, a typical everyday family conversation – emphasising Volkswagen as a family car.

They’re proud of what they do. Comparing their engineers to angels, portraying the message that each car is made to the high Volkswagen standard.

It’s comical. It’s on brand. Volkswagen have never taken themselves too seriously when it comes to advertising – but you are reminded how reliable their cars are in a fun and shareable way.

They are advertising a genuine differentiation. A large amount of car adverts are sleek and sexy, showing the cars curves and the way they drive. This advert however shows a genuine differentiation to the Volkswagen brand – that they are built to last.

Watch some responses from our panel.