We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the Nando’s brand, and what they liked or disliked about the brand. Nando’s scored very highly with our panel, as 76% were considered promoters to the brand.

What our panel think Nando’s are doing right:

  • It’s comforting and consistent. There is a standardised menu and quality of the food, you can go into any Nando’s across the UK and safely know exactly what you’re going to get.
  • It’s easy for big groups. Nando’s is self-service, so no need to worry about splitting a huge bill at the end of the meal, or hang around for the waiter to refill your drinks.
  • They do one thing really well – chicken. There’s not too much going on on the menu, they’re not trying to spread themselves too thinly, they just do one product great – which you can mix up with a range of sides.
  • It’s inexpensive and quick. Nando’s fits in that gap of wanting food of a higher quality to fast food, but not wanting to pay the high price of going out for a meal.
  • The Nando’s loyalty card. Who doesn’t like free food? The Nando’s loyalty card seems to be one of the best, offering free food every couple of visits.
  • Nando’s is a character. From the décor, to the funny slogans on the napkins – Nando’s is certainly a defined brand that is in touch with their audience.
  • Location. You will always be able to find a Nando’s in your local area, with easy access for cars or public transport.
  • Everyone seems to love Nando’s! People go crazy for Nando’s, and that has a chain reaction of positive thoughts, it’s a people pleaser for most occasions.

It really seems Nando’s can’t do much to improve their brand in the eyes of our panel. A few members of the panel found themselves ordering the same thing every time they went to Nando’s, which could get a bit boring – therefore they wanted to see some changes or updates to the menu. Others felt that service was not as good in the late evenings, as they had previously run out of some of the products.

Watch some responses from our panel.