Old Spice: Mom Song

This short and sweet advert from Old Spice seemed to have the male members of our panel chuckling, but will it make them more likely to purchase Old Spice?

It seems not, although the majority of the panel looked forward to Old Spice adverts and always found them amusing – a significant amount still perceived Old Spice as a fragrance for the older man.


This Old Spice advert ‘Mom Song’, confirmed the position that Old Spice is for men – and added a clever twist to the normal ‘boy gets the girl’ aftershave adverts. However many felt this advert was not as comical as the ones featuring the Old Spice Man, that this advert was definitely going after the younger audience similar to Lynx adverts.

The problem Old Spice continue to face is that they are perceived as an old persons brand, however it does appear that this perception is beginning to break down – as 34% now considered trying the Old Spice fragrance. Although there was a running theme amongst the male panel members that they gave the Old Spice adverts a thumbs up, but the Old Spice fragrances a thumbs down.

Watch some responses from our panel.