Lurpak – Good Proper Food

Lurpak seem to have a very solid brand, with a continuing standardised advert that positions them as a quality product. Lurpak have really done something very clever with their advertising, they have made butter appear healthy, without offering a ‘watch your weight’ type product. 

The advert was described by our panel as sensual, visual and appetising – as if you are smelling or tasting the food that is being prepared in the advert, that gets an amusing point across in a dramatic way. However the food being cooked in the advert isn’t restaurant quality, or anything above the average family supper – it appears to be comfort food. Attaching the emotions of eating to the Lurpak brand, enjoying the process of preparing the food, enjoying eating the food.

A number of the panel thought the advert showed the great versatility of Lurpak, with lots of fast actions clips of lots of different foods. The advert was compared to an action film trailer, with the dramatic voice over. It appears that Lurpak are trying to appeal to a more masculine audience, in terms of the mechanical and industrial-type process to cooking, that Lurpak helps to make that tough nonsense food. That they are taking a product that years ago many might have just associated with women, and breaking the stereotype of just having women cook.

34% commented on how the advert made them hungry, and more likely to buy Lurpak in their weekly shop. With a large amount feeling inspired by the advert to do some good, wholesome home cooking – great for this time of year – that Lurpak will help you get through a tough week. There was a general theme that the advert made the food look full of taste but also healthy, that perhaps don’t put a lot of Lurpak in, but that tiny amount you add will create a great taste. Most of the panel felt that the advert was hard to watch without considering how much you would enjoy Lurpack – making the butter very desirable.

Although not everyone agreed, as 9% found the advert over-dramatic for a butter advert, that they could not get an emotional connection to the advert as it felt too industrial – comparing the advert to one you would see for a new bit of technology. A large number of the 9% did not like the voice over, as they felt it was unnecessary and irrelevant to have a film trailer type advert for a food brand