The Doritos finger-cleaner advert

As huge brands get their marketing and advertising teams together to create the advert to stand out amongst the rest during the Super Bowl, it seems a number of companies go for the A-list celebrity approach- not Doritos, they have taken a very strange but funny approach to this year’s Super Bowl advert.





A couple of initial reactions:

64% agreed that the advert was effective, they found it amusing, imaginative, and comical – commenting that the advert shows the playful side to the Doritos brand. A number of the panel were reminded of the stained fingers that occur when eating a bag of Doritos, and a surprising amount really wanted Doritos after watching the advert – commenting that the advert had made them hungry. The advert itself was described as a comedy sketch, the fact it’s short really made it work, with a quick and memorable laugh.

Although not everyone agreed, some of the panel were definitely not fans of the finger-cleaner advert, commenting that they were ‘put off by the advert’. It is gross, it is horrible and a disgusting image, but it has that fascination factor that makes you cringe. It appeared to be an advert that you would feel awkward watching around your family with the underlying connotations.