Are electric bikes the future of cycling?

On the whole our panel felt very positively towards the idea of an electric bike, with a number seeing it as the ‘future of cycling’ – as it gives even those inexperienced cyclists a bit more motivation to get into cycling.

Who our panel think the electric bike is for:

The commuter cyclist. Someone who lives within a reasonable amount of miles to their work place, and is trying to keep fit, but doesn’t want to be sweating and worn out by the time they get to the office.

The motivated cyclist. Someone trying to get into cycling but potentially does not have the leg power at the moment, so needs that extra boost on certain parts of their journey.

Cyclist on electric bike up hill

The long distance cyclist. Someone who cycles long distances, it’s that helping hand on a big bike ride – able to keep going for longer.

Long distant cyclist on electric bike

The older cyclist. Members of older generations wanting to maintain fitness, but they don’t have the fitness level to go as far as they would like to.

Older couple cycling on electric bike

Most of the panel agreed an electric bike is the bike of the future, but before purchasing they would be likely to test a number. 29% said they have already considered purchasing a electric bike, of the rest of the panel many were put off by the extra costs attached to an electric bike over a normal bike, and felt they would wait for them to become more accessible in price. One panel member felt that the government should offer incentives, through a help to buy scheme, to make the cost more affordable.

A few members of the panel felt that an electric bike was not a family product, not only because they can’t all sit on the one bike, but if they bought one for themselves they would have to buy one for the whole family as to not have an advantage on family bike rides.

Watch some responses from our panel.